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John Kuhles on facebook click on me! Facebook Page: infopowerment (3000+likes)
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Zelfredzameburgers Project 2015-2020 (4000+ members)
~we are an international mixed dutch-english conspiracy & suppressed news research facebook group with 4000+ members !
“Zelfredzame Burgers” = “self-supportive citizens” dedicated to be or become: self-supportive autonomous autodidact independent sovereign – spreading awareness about fast growing alternative media networks – alternative cures – power foods – hidden news – forbidden history – solution revolutions – permaculture – suppressed inventions – to empower all – mysteries – sun gazing – practical tips – eco villages – sharing insights – spiritual psychology – practical wisdom’s – political satire – humor – fun – art – poetry – special music that resonates with our struggle – to make a difference in the world – care – compassion – empathy – love – hugs4free <3 and much more that can help us! :)
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YT Channels:
[time for a non-hierarchical form of self-governance]
~click on “Add People to Group” and type a any letter of the alphabet –
~please be aware that most Dutch postings I post are NOT meant for international members! ( I post about 50% Dutch and 50% English!)
T R A N S L A T E  Dutch links to English? or visa versa? ~vertalen naar NL? or or
~do you know someone who resonates with this group? look for: “+ Add People to Group” on this page :)
~New Statistics: John Kuhles (ExomatrixTV) Top 6 youtube channels: 92,500+ subs – Top 7: 100,000+ subs – Top 10: 115,000+ subscribers! See all youtube channel icons (scroll down on this page):
I share NOT because I think it “must” be true or false … I share because I want to learn from the (hopefully intelligent) responses 😉 and I consider possibilities nothing more nothing less! Now I  know SOME do not like that approach because you suppose to chose sides for or against ! In that way you may get cornered for the same reasons that tyranny is promoting “divide & conquer” tactics aka “Hegelian Dialectic
~you can use “+ Add People to Group” center-right side column (start with letter Aa or Ab etc upto Z) if you know some of your friends who might be interested to join this group! Thanks if you do (y) :)
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Unslave Humanity Media Network

John Kuhles runs (amongst others) these suppressed news & conspiracy-research channels:


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